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How to make coffee using JavaScript

12 min read | | Topics: JavaScript coffee code example

As I've noted in my uses post, cold brew is my number one coffee choice. I don't like hot drinks, so I don't immediately reach for hot coffee when I need some caffeine. Instead, I go for something like cold brew or iced coffee.

How I Update My Website

2 min read | | Topics: workflow AWS GitHub

Since I forget what I actually need to do to update this website, figured it would be a nice little post. I set up the workflow for hosting my site by following the cloud resume challenge by Cloud Irregular. I didn't follow the challenge exactly since I didn't really care about the visitor count part (or having to set up dynamoDB for a static site). These are the parts I did implement though:

So, You Want To Contribute To Firefox

9 min read | | Topics: Firefox Mozilla contributing open source

I've been working with a few Outreachy applicants and I see that these new contributors are running into the same pitfalls independently of each other. Although Mozilla has first time contributor guides, and how to start contributing on various operating systems, it appears that these instructions are not clear enough to first time contributors. I like to make the process of contributing to open source projects easier, so I thought I'd expand on some of the common pitfalls I've seen so far and some strategies to mitigate these pitfalls!


2 min read | | Topics: uses tech software hardware

Wes Bos started a trend of developers listing their software, hardware, and other equipment that makes them better at what they do. It's nice to see others' choices as well as document my own changes over time.

Adding features to auto-lighthouse

4 min read | | Topics: CLI accessibility Lighthouse automation

auto-lighthouse running an audit Recently my auto-lighthouse package has been receiving more attention from the community at large. Because of this extra attention, I decided to add some features that were missing and fix some bugs that I was unaware of. I ended up fixing my broken blocked list, thanks to César Valadez for the initial fix which led to a more permanent fix. I additionally added a new default behavior based on feedback and added a command line argument to change the number of threads used during the process. Additional thanks to Konrad Szwarc for finding a documentation issue in the README!

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